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Installing WoW Character Viewer (Viewer for short):
  1. Run Setup. This will start the installation process. Just follow the instructions.
  2. The application will be installed, and a shortcut placed on the desktop.
  3. Double click on the application to start. It will take up as much screen space as possible (if you're using a small screen size, tell me, I'll try and work something out).

Application usage:
  1. Once started, enter the characters' name (it automatically starts in the Name section, don't worry about putting a capital letter first, this is done automatically)
  2. Choose which 'Region' your character (or the character you are looking at) is on (currently, only the EU - English speaking and USA regions are operational)
  3. Choose the 'Realm' your character (or the character you are looking at) is on.
  4. Click on 'Go'.
  5. What this will do (as much as I'm aware) is the following:
    • It will parse all the relevant information to the World of Warcraft Armory site (this is where I get lost, I'm sorry). This application is able to take the returned information and allow the application to display the required Armory graphics, and 3d view of the character.

  • Load and Save character files. This saves you time to enter the relevant character information.
  • Viewing the character on a web page (using the browser feature).
  • Uses the WoW Armory Parser (Many, many thanks go to Kralizek for his hard work... Even though he's now working on Starcraft 2 Replay Parser)

Future developments:
  • Improve the speed of the code (this is where the C# porting comes in)
  • Find, and install, a faster 3d character viewer (if anyone knows of a 3d viewer with a workable API, let me know).
  • Improve the setup and deployment of the application.
  • Create a workable web based version.

These will come sometime, I just don't know when.

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